Saturday, February 6, 2010

ADD and 9 year old boys

Why is it that when your child starts to struggle in school, the first response of those in charge are to tell you that you should have your child tested for ADD, because it is an attention problem. The child has never struggled until this year. But then you are told that no he has struggle before. Yeah must have been another child in my care last year, and I am wrong.
You then explain that it is not ADD since your child is really not bouncing off the walls, and actually can sit still, and since as an educator can sit there and tell me that he should be medicated because he can not conform and be a little test monkey for the DOE.
Then you find out out that not only is it your child that is struggling and told that maybe he has ADD but another in the class, and then another.
You know what it is really called. It is called 9 year old boy. I have raised 3 boys now, not one of them were able to sit in a chair still for to long. Hell I can't even sit still and I am almost well you don't really need to know my age.
Maybe the school should look at the "REAL"problem of why this group of children are struggling.
4th grade sucks.

Friday, February 5, 2010

12 Year old arrested in school for doodling on desk

I quite don't understand why in the hell this child needed to be arrested. If that was the case way back when I went to school I would be in Rikers, a lesson could be taught in a different way. The official response, " We are looking at the facts".
I am looking at the facts too and they just don't add up.