Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I have a query. Is it only a dysfunctional entity when it is in your favor?
As I see it the newly elected Panel for Education (sans Patrick) is no better than the "evil" (as you label it) old Board of Education.
Have a nice day!

Pissed Off Mom

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New School year ahead

Wahoo school has begun. This year it has been announced that their will be deeper cuts. No Art, gym once a week, no library access, that is unless the classroom teacher will do it, and I would not give up a prep period, would you?
So once again we must go and beg for outside monies. Grant monies that are usually not handed out in this District. I yearn for the good old when we had a district days. When the District as a whole applied for a grant and received it.

One another note, wee one has a teacher that is brand new to the school. Looking forward to learning with her. A friend made me laugh when he said it was good for me that she is new to the school. Means she does not know my reputation. I told him oh yee of little faith. Small school=more gossip.