Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Velcro Handcuffs

It just gets better and better doesn't it? I am wondering why in the world we need to use handcuffs on "unruly" children. The Daily News has reported that the NYPD has approved usage to velcro handcuffs on children 16 and under who are unruly. It does say if they become a danger to themselves. But who is to protect the children from the unruly safety officers who have been misusing their power of authority? Maybe we should start giving children velcro handcuffs as well. Yeah go attack me and ask me but what would you like us to do. You don't know what it is like. What parent groups were asked if this was a good idea. I know there has to be some parent group the DOE is going to say they asked. Don't they always?
Like the parent groups for the SLT's, the parent groups for the new CDEC's elections. Who are these parents I want to talk to them.
It is fine lets keep the handcuff's and mayoral control it has just run fine as it is.

By the way I have some blood for sale I need to send my kid to private school.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watch out we are about to blow

the enrollment rates of our incoming kindergarten classes. Slash the budget some more please. A few posts down I mentioned how our local catholic schools are closing. Some are closing some are reinventing themselves. Kind of like the DOE reinvents themselves.
The "unofficial" kindergarten enrollment rate in wee one's school is at 45 already. 45 LOCAL ZONED KIDS. Not sure where we are going to find the room for them or the more that might register with the open enrollment. Thanks Mike you are doing a top notch job. I am sure you are the posters on the subway tell me you are, and of course I believe them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Somebody told me....

I have been to quiet lately. Well with something big behind me I think I can start posting again. There is plenty of material out there.

15,000 teachers

getting the nice ole pink slip next year. That is great for class size, the class size that continues to grow each year.
Last week I had a conversation with another involved mom, we were discussing how a number of Catholic Schools in the surrounding area announced that they were closing in September. Where are those children going? I am sure the DOE has the demographics all ready so they don't get rid of teachers in that area. Oops I give them to much credit. The other thing we mentioned was with lay-offs growing and the increasing costs of Private Education if parents need to cut costs they would probably forgo private for public. Wonder if those numbers have been crunched yet? Oops the credit thing again.
So yes the economy is bad, cuts need to be made, but why is it always at the expense of education. We do need to educate the masses after all the children of today are the policy makers of tomorrow.

This makes sense

In an effort to cut costs the DOE in there infinite wisdom decided that teachers need to grade the ELA during school hours and Principals are forced to hire subs in the place of classroom teachers. Okay so we don't want to pay the classroom teacher more money but does it not cost money to hire a sub? I know my Principal told me it is costing her $46,000 out of her meager budget. So it still costs money now doesn't it?
Wee one's teacher is one of those who is out grading tests. She equated it to jury duty. I get her point. She rather be in the classroom with HER kids. Wee One has another test coming up, the little note came home in his folder telling us 3rd grade parents what the children need to study. Last week he had two tests and a report to do. When I picked him up last week his teacher would give me a little report on how he is doing, that his social studies book was in his backpack keep it home etc. Yesterday he came out of extended day. Yes I put him back in extended day. He likes it for some unexplainable reason. Just running out of the building, I noticed the sub. The sub who has no invested interest in the children or the classroom. Yes she will do the lesson plan, but she does not have a stake now, does she? So my child will be taking this new test this weeek with no one to remind him or gently guide him that his book needs to be with him.
Children First my ass.