Tuesday, February 3, 2009

15,000 teachers

getting the nice ole pink slip next year. That is great for class size, the class size that continues to grow each year.
Last week I had a conversation with another involved mom, we were discussing how a number of Catholic Schools in the surrounding area announced that they were closing in September. Where are those children going? I am sure the DOE has the demographics all ready so they don't get rid of teachers in that area. Oops I give them to much credit. The other thing we mentioned was with lay-offs growing and the increasing costs of Private Education if parents need to cut costs they would probably forgo private for public. Wonder if those numbers have been crunched yet? Oops the credit thing again.
So yes the economy is bad, cuts need to be made, but why is it always at the expense of education. We do need to educate the masses after all the children of today are the policy makers of tomorrow.

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