Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mayor Mike gives a speech

I was bored today, go figure, I am unemployed after all. There is just so much time you can spend on Facebook. I have been kicking some major ass in Mafia Wars and my in my FarmTown I made a zillion bucks, oops A.D.D back on track.
Guess what I did today? I bet you have no idea. I watched Bloomberg give a speech, this was the official title Sec. Duncan and Mayor Bloomberg discuss Education Reform in the 21st Century. It was a breakfast in Washington D.C. Mayor Mike got to read a speech saying just how great NYC schools are and teachers need to be held accountable, that is why we have all these tests and we will grant tenure to teachers who perform like circus monkey's, I mean he said those that have students with the best scores get a free ride and those that score the lowest are thrown out on the loser butts that they are. Ummm Mike someone has to get the lowest score so you are a little sly one on the scare tactics.
While I am listening to his spectacular speech, I noticed something he was stumbling over his written words. Damn Mike couldn't you read the effin thing first. You dolt.
So as he goes on how we have to get rid of these bad, good for nothing teachers he goes on to say the Rubber Room is a disgrace because we have to pay teachers so sit in them. He does not explain what a Rubber Room is for and just how many teachers are unjustly place there.I just want to say Mike you are such a prat.
Damn unemployment rocks!!!!!
Mike you are lying about the NAEP scores now, way to shell game the statistics, man are you people naive., but I am not. Okay I can be blond at times but I know education better than Joel, and I am mean. Make me Chancellor I can whip those bad teachers down. Oh yeah that's right I have a soul.
It think it is time for me to get back into the game. Thanks Mayor Mike you making my company leave the city gave me an outlet. So now you screwed two things that are dear to me up. a) my sons education and b) my money making ability. I do like to stimulate the economy.
I decided I could not watch anymore without throwing a rock through the tv. Oh wait there you
go saying you close failing schools and then open news schools with new teachers and administration. New leadership from the leadership academy that has your friends tax breaks written all over it. But as he said that he threw the ATR's under the bus. He had the nerve to say we should get rid off all ATR's and Rubber Room people. That they are only a waste of money that could be spent in the classrooms. Really Mike what classrooms the overcrowded classrooms that you forgot to mention. Or all the money that you have cut out of schools and then turn around and blame your teachers for the failures. Holy shit, I better just shut him off now. but I always liked to watch a train wreck.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fourth Grade

My son is emotional, strung out and stressed, and so are his classmates. They are being overloaded with to much information in such a short amount of time, it is data overload.
I don't remember the other two being so stressed and this one the youngest is clever, very smart, street wise and book wise. It makes him mad scientist smart. He surprises me sometimes how he puts things together. Last night doing his homework assignment which should have taken a half hour took an hour and a half because I had to sit there with him and re-teach him the assignment. I gave him a break after the first melt down and we were looking at a magazine. I told him that I liked the desk in the picture, but not the chair. He told me matter of fact that he felt the same way, and that it made sense because we share genes which makes us alike and it is true because he learned it in school today. They way he said it was that there was no arguing the fact that we are related, which relieved his stress and we could get back to the lesson.
So now while I am teaching him the lesson again, I wondered truly who has time in their busy schedules to sit down with their kids and read a chapter to them and explain it so they comprehend what was just taught. The teacher right, not the parent. No wonder we are in this mess. Add a few more tests to the already over saturated testing time Mikey. I understand the testing companies need more influx of cash

Whats new pussycat?

I said it before but you might need some reminding. I don't like my children to be taken advantage of in their endeavors in to receive a better than State Mandated Education. I have been through budget cuts with my middle son and have seen first hand what an overcrowded classroom can do for a child and a teacher. I hoped that more than 10 years after the first fight that this would not occur again, after the state mandated what class size should be. I know I am naive. What it really is I have hope. Silly of me isn't it?
So once again more children have to suffer. Each year wee ones class roster increases he is now in a class of 28, oh please stop the eye roll already I know its a futile complaint. 28 Fourth graders made up mostly of pre-pubescent boys who are just darlings, (can you see the sly smile on my face), is not an easy task for any teacher. Especially when she is trying to get them all ready for all those pesky state tests. So this year he has 28 next year he has 35. Middle School 40 and so forth. It is okay the class size, really it is because we all know it is the Principals fault for not taking that class size reduction money. It is offered to them but they don't take it so it is there fault. Not that there is no room in the school, unless we want to teach them in the hall, what? oh they already teach in the hall. I was not aware of that. Were you?
Our Kindergarten classes have 50 children. Not like I did not see that happen, great economy, high cost of private school versus public. Lets see what would you do?
I am sure the DOE is not breaking any fire codes by cramming to many children in a class, or any health code violations. Not the DOE they do everything on the up and up don't they?

Good thing

This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you might ask. Last Wednesday was my last full day of work at my paying job. I have time on my hands, and while I was home yesterday all alone I had time to reflect on what is important to me and what I might want to do with my new founded spare time. I decided that I was going to address wee one's journey through public school, the reason I started this blog in the first place. You know the parents view on the process. I have been around so long and have seen so many things but it is all the same. No improvement no matter what the spin control cram down our so called ignorant throats.
At this point I don't give a crap anymore of towing the line. My kid can't tow the line he is living it, and I am his only voice. Well the voice that supports him 24/7. Not the ones that only care about his ARIS stats. I am so sick of Bloomberg/Klein/Tweed and the incompetence called OFEA, Family disengagement is more like it. You try getting a straight answer out of them, and while we are at it why on the letterhead is there not one phone number to call those dolts. What is it a matter of Natural Security and I don't have the clearance?
I am also tired to the DOE making all these rules for CEC's but don't follow rules themselves.
Telling CEC's members that they must fill out oaths over and over again, asking for financial disclosure forms for a FREE FREAKING JOB, where they have no say. We can't trust those CEC people. Isn't that like blaming the hen for the fox eating it.
I am not hating on the CEC's and the dedication of the parents who serve, because truly it is the only way most parents do have a say, despite all the grief they take.
I say parents unionize already. What are we waiting for? What else can they do to our children?
Oh yeah eliminate the schools and replace them with charters. I hear Eva Moskowitz is not making enough money off the ones she already is in charge of.
Oh and by the way I am back.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cell Phones

I understand that today there were metal detectors at Cardozo High School. The children were to walk through them, backpacks searched. Cellphones and electronic equipment were confiscated.
Great learning environment you set up there Mikey. So bleeping glad we have 4 more years of your shit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The truth is out there


By the most reliable measure—the NAEP (national) test scores. Out of 10 urban districts, NYC dropped from 2nd place in eighth grade reading to 6th place; Bloomberg’s misleading claims are based on inflated New York State test scores.

By the most comprehensive measure—average scale scores; Bloomberg’s misleading claims are based on proficiency rates, which only measure improvements by the few students just below the cutoff score.

Despite declining enrollment and $400 million from New York State to reduce class sizes, Bloomberg increased class sizes in 2008.

Despite declining enrollment, we now have 5,200 police officers in our schools, more police for New York’s million students than for the entire 2.2 million population of Houston. Bloomberg refuses to discuss alternative approaches to school safety.



For more on Bloomberg’s record and sources of the data cited here, see“Holding Mayor Bloomberg Accountable” at

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mayor/DOE Bans School Bake Sales as "Wellness Issue"

So I understand trying to abate childhood obesity. I am all for it as wee one's belly grows since he is on a constant diet of high caloric non nutrient enriched chemical tasting food, and that is just the free lunch he received from his said school.

Lets look at the big picture here. Ban Bake sales (and if I remember correctly other Chancellor's tried to do this also)
So we have now banned bake sales.
Mom how come I don't have that aide in my classroom. I can't ask my teacher a question because 40 other students have their hands up.
Well Sally the big bad wolf decided that by schools holding bake sales to raise money was a horrible idea, since you might eat more than one cupcake and grow a belly.

Does the Chancellor and Mayor sit down and say you know we did a good thing taking the Snapple machines out of schools and while we are helping the poor students with their sugar intake how about we just ban all sugar from the schools. No bake sales yeah that's the ticket.

How many hair brained ideas from these asshats are we going to sit down and just take over and over again while our children suffer.

Yeah its not all about the cake, let them have cake. No way they are not good enough for cake.

It is about all the other crap that we as public school parents have to take over and over again and we just sit there and say nothing.
Well some of us do say something but we are laughed at.
You know by the Bloomberg friendly press that constantly tell us that Bill Thompson's Board of Education was evil and the Empire friendly Bloomberg "Department of Education" is great.

Scores are up, violence is down, overcrowding is down blah blah blah.
It is the same it was when my older two were in the school.
When we had the same issues, the difference we were listened to. Not made to feel like we are "special interests".
I AM A SPECIAL INTEREST! Who is paying for my children's upbringing. Not the Mayor that is for damn sure. You know the Mayor who all of a sudden gives a shit about the middle class.
You know until after the election.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I have a query. Is it only a dysfunctional entity when it is in your favor?
As I see it the newly elected Panel for Education (sans Patrick) is no better than the "evil" (as you label it) old Board of Education.
Have a nice day!

Pissed Off Mom

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New School year ahead

Wahoo school has begun. This year it has been announced that their will be deeper cuts. No Art, gym once a week, no library access, that is unless the classroom teacher will do it, and I would not give up a prep period, would you?
So once again we must go and beg for outside monies. Grant monies that are usually not handed out in this District. I yearn for the good old when we had a district days. When the District as a whole applied for a grant and received it.

One another note, wee one has a teacher that is brand new to the school. Looking forward to learning with her. A friend made me laugh when he said it was good for me that she is new to the school. Means she does not know my reputation. I told him oh yee of little faith. Small school=more gossip.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Joel Klein is a big fat liar....

and his pants are on fire.
With the new school year quickly approaching, I would like to reflect on the past year. The Dynamic Duo have been constantly bragging about the stellar education our children receive. They relate to us that our teachers do not teach to the test, and the press just laps it up. Not like the owners (Mikes friends) know any different, their darlings attend private and the costlier the better, plus lets not forget those great class sizes.
So back to last year. Wee one completed the third grade. I have noticed a difference in the older guys third grade curriculum and wee one's curriculum. Now this might just only be wee one's school. Where test scores matter a great deal. People riot, okay not riot over lower scores from the year before., but they do make the Principals life difficult at best over them. Wee one was taught multiplication, he increased his vocabulary and spelling skills. Science was a bit intense this year, but he studied diligently and did fine.
What he did not learn was something the other two did. Cursive handwriting and history. We did have to purchase a map at the beginning of last year. One of the United States and the World as a whole. At the beginning of the school year he did learn the continents and the oceans, hemispheres etc., but that was it. Now I am pretty sure if there was some third grade history statewide test they would learn this crap ummm I mean essential information. I am not suggesting a test, because our children are not lab rats for goodness sakes. And Joel, I swear if there is a test announced I will be in front of Tweed with all my friends and a giant pitchfork. Don't ask me put Pissed, when exactly would you like us to teach all of this, there really isn't enough time in the day. Bull$shit. There used to be time, maybe if the tests were not increased each year our children could get that stellar education.
Now I know the cursive thing can be explained away by telling me people don't write in longhand. When was the last time you sent a letter. Well I do write in long hand and I do send letters. Call me old fashioned.
I would like to know why it is up to me the parent, you know the parent without any say or education experience have to teach him cursive. He asked me to, said he wants to learn. The horror's a child who wants to learn.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why we need our Districts back

Today I was trying to find certain information about my local school and kindergarten registration. If I give you more information I will just out myself. I am sure the people reading this who know all the phone calls I made today know who I am. Whatever.
I had to find a specific item, this item was not not on any DOE website, why should be help parents find information? Why alienate parents, I still don't get that.
Before if you had a question about registration all you did was call a well staffed district office and get an answer you had knowledge to make your decision and go in with your proof. We all know that knowledge is power, power to the parents, we can't have that. Oh wait isn't that the name of a website crap here I go off subject again.
So before when we had Districts with a Superintendent, in the District office there was always someone to help you. Meanwhile I had a simple mapping question. I went to the DOE site, the DOE brought me to the school portal. I could not find the answer there either. Clicked on parents nada, I am patient to a fault, it has to be the three sons thing, cleaning up the bathroom they use. Oops to much information. I decide to call the district in hope that the 3 people who work there could help me. Hell it could be more than 3 but truly I have not been up to the one room they have in the school, so I don't know.
You know the DOE does not have the answer to the mapping question for schools, and for goodness sake I know I am blonde and it does take me time to realize things, but crap there is no mapping answer, and elementary schools are now also open to all. Thanks Joel for m(f)ucking things up and screwing up our schools. Do your friends need another charter school tax break?

CDEC elections

One more reason the DOE is out of touch with what parents want.
So they decide that they are going to hold CDEC elections to be "equitable" to all parents. I have not received one back pack flyer to inform me that their was going to be CDEC elections or what a CDEC is, or as they changed it to CEC, another way to get the District out of the DOE. I mean we do all know there is no such thing as a district no matter what the hell Joel and Mike's propaganda on the subways tell us. Oops I am going off subject again. I was never told as a parent that I could go to ( what power, are you kidding me power my arse) and register if I wanted to be on a CDEC. But what did I get a nice back pack flyer announcing that such and such a date will be the day that I can grill ummm I mean question the candidates who want to represent me. Represent me how? What is a CEC all those questions were not answered on the flyer. Who do you think will show up at these events. Ooh I know, I know, the candidates who were told be there or you forfeit your chance to serve on a committee that is powerless at best. Yeah that is great, why don't you just strong arm the few candidates that do want to serve?
On to the next part of this, say you did decide to run as a candidate, guess what the Powertothe Parents people kind of forget to let the candidates know they are a candidate. I know this because I did an informal survey. Not scientific or with big monies like the DOE throw around, it was not even a no bid contract. Just a I am a big mouthed, I want to know how the DOE screwed up again kind of person.
So I did this informal survey. I asked a few people who I know threw their so called hat in the ring. One person told me that they had to exchange a few emails back and forth with the group, and the other told me that their application was incomplete and had to be completly filled out so that they can apply.
I also asked a few parents this: Hey do you know that their is going to be a CDEC election soon? What is a CDEC was a few responses and then what election. Straw vote, Internet only, does not count, what do you mean does not count?
I saw the flyer but how do you become a candidate?
For a group and I mean the DOE who says the are transparent, they sure a full of crap.
Transparent to those in the know only.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Velcro Handcuffs

It just gets better and better doesn't it? I am wondering why in the world we need to use handcuffs on "unruly" children. The Daily News has reported that the NYPD has approved usage to velcro handcuffs on children 16 and under who are unruly. It does say if they become a danger to themselves. But who is to protect the children from the unruly safety officers who have been misusing their power of authority? Maybe we should start giving children velcro handcuffs as well. Yeah go attack me and ask me but what would you like us to do. You don't know what it is like. What parent groups were asked if this was a good idea. I know there has to be some parent group the DOE is going to say they asked. Don't they always?
Like the parent groups for the SLT's, the parent groups for the new CDEC's elections. Who are these parents I want to talk to them.
It is fine lets keep the handcuff's and mayoral control it has just run fine as it is.

By the way I have some blood for sale I need to send my kid to private school.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watch out we are about to blow

the enrollment rates of our incoming kindergarten classes. Slash the budget some more please. A few posts down I mentioned how our local catholic schools are closing. Some are closing some are reinventing themselves. Kind of like the DOE reinvents themselves.
The "unofficial" kindergarten enrollment rate in wee one's school is at 45 already. 45 LOCAL ZONED KIDS. Not sure where we are going to find the room for them or the more that might register with the open enrollment. Thanks Mike you are doing a top notch job. I am sure you are the posters on the subway tell me you are, and of course I believe them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Somebody told me....

I have been to quiet lately. Well with something big behind me I think I can start posting again. There is plenty of material out there.

15,000 teachers

getting the nice ole pink slip next year. That is great for class size, the class size that continues to grow each year.
Last week I had a conversation with another involved mom, we were discussing how a number of Catholic Schools in the surrounding area announced that they were closing in September. Where are those children going? I am sure the DOE has the demographics all ready so they don't get rid of teachers in that area. Oops I give them to much credit. The other thing we mentioned was with lay-offs growing and the increasing costs of Private Education if parents need to cut costs they would probably forgo private for public. Wonder if those numbers have been crunched yet? Oops the credit thing again.
So yes the economy is bad, cuts need to be made, but why is it always at the expense of education. We do need to educate the masses after all the children of today are the policy makers of tomorrow.

This makes sense

In an effort to cut costs the DOE in there infinite wisdom decided that teachers need to grade the ELA during school hours and Principals are forced to hire subs in the place of classroom teachers. Okay so we don't want to pay the classroom teacher more money but does it not cost money to hire a sub? I know my Principal told me it is costing her $46,000 out of her meager budget. So it still costs money now doesn't it?
Wee one's teacher is one of those who is out grading tests. She equated it to jury duty. I get her point. She rather be in the classroom with HER kids. Wee One has another test coming up, the little note came home in his folder telling us 3rd grade parents what the children need to study. Last week he had two tests and a report to do. When I picked him up last week his teacher would give me a little report on how he is doing, that his social studies book was in his backpack keep it home etc. Yesterday he came out of extended day. Yes I put him back in extended day. He likes it for some unexplainable reason. Just running out of the building, I noticed the sub. The sub who has no invested interest in the children or the classroom. Yes she will do the lesson plan, but she does not have a stake now, does she? So my child will be taking this new test this weeek with no one to remind him or gently guide him that his book needs to be with him.
Children First my ass.