Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mayor/DOE Bans School Bake Sales as "Wellness Issue"

So I understand trying to abate childhood obesity. I am all for it as wee one's belly grows since he is on a constant diet of high caloric non nutrient enriched chemical tasting food, and that is just the free lunch he received from his said school.

Lets look at the big picture here. Ban Bake sales (and if I remember correctly other Chancellor's tried to do this also)
So we have now banned bake sales.
Mom how come I don't have that aide in my classroom. I can't ask my teacher a question because 40 other students have their hands up.
Well Sally the big bad wolf decided that by schools holding bake sales to raise money was a horrible idea, since you might eat more than one cupcake and grow a belly.

Does the Chancellor and Mayor sit down and say you know we did a good thing taking the Snapple machines out of schools and while we are helping the poor students with their sugar intake how about we just ban all sugar from the schools. No bake sales yeah that's the ticket.

How many hair brained ideas from these asshats are we going to sit down and just take over and over again while our children suffer.

Yeah its not all about the cake, let them have cake. No way they are not good enough for cake.

It is about all the other crap that we as public school parents have to take over and over again and we just sit there and say nothing.
Well some of us do say something but we are laughed at.
You know by the Bloomberg friendly press that constantly tell us that Bill Thompson's Board of Education was evil and the Empire friendly Bloomberg "Department of Education" is great.

Scores are up, violence is down, overcrowding is down blah blah blah.
It is the same it was when my older two were in the school.
When we had the same issues, the difference we were listened to. Not made to feel like we are "special interests".
I AM A SPECIAL INTEREST! Who is paying for my children's upbringing. Not the Mayor that is for damn sure. You know the Mayor who all of a sudden gives a shit about the middle class.
You know until after the election.

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