Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Black

Thank you for declaring schools open today. I am a little confused how you can declare a snow emergency and ask people to stay off the roads, but then on the other hand expect us to get our little money makers I mean children off to school. Here in Northeast Queens our main streets have been plowed but our side streets are a mess. I walked my child to school in the street. People have not gotten there lazy asses I mean tired over worked bodies up to shovel the sidewalks yet.
I think that you should check the attendance stats today and see how many children are absent due to snow related conditions. I am sure my child will receive an above standard education today sitting in the auditorium due to how many teachers live in Long Island. By the way my local Catholic school is closed, so are the private and catholic High Schools. I would not have minded having to miss a day of work to take care of my child after all that is what I do.
You really should not judge the city as a whole. Just because Manhattan is beautiful it does not mean the forgotten I mean outer boroughs receive the same type of attention. Sometimes I think despite everything you do, you really do not have any common sense.
your overtaxed neighbor in Queens