Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Public vs Private Schools

On Easter my sister in law was asking me some questions about public High Schools.
Her daughter who has always attended private school, would like to attend a Public High School. One for the arts. She has been accepted to a few of them, but on the same hand she was also accepted to fine Private High Schools.
So we grabbed middle guys laptop and I showed her how to navigate through the DOE's portal and how to access statistics etc. One school as I was reading the current Quality Review of the school I began to cackle. That is correct cackle. The Quality Review of the school as a whole was written that the school was data driven, and that they use data to access on how to further help the children to achieve their goals. I hope you are not drinking because I am sure you probably spewed your drink by now.
It went on to how wonderful the ARIS computer has helped the Principal and the staff to identify the needs to the children in our new data driven goals.
So by now I was laughing so hard I had to apologize to my sister in law and I gave her this piece of advice, after I told my brother in law to come into the room.
I told her if she had the money to send her daughter to the Private School the one that teaches Latin, why in the world would she even be considering Public. Where my High School Senior chimed in Public School blows.

No money for schools

I wonder if the budget is so tight and we need to cut money to the education, the foundation that educates our children, how was money found to give a 9% raise to the Cambridge Educators that rate our schools with Quality Reviews. Quality Reviews that are largely ignored by Klein when it comes to rating our schools on the report cards?
I am still befuddled on to why we needed to hire a firm from across the pond when I am sure that there are people from fine institutions in this country that could do the same. Another attempt of outsourcing. I say we outsource our Chancellor too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Do schools get cleaned anymore?

Just wondering because my son is constantly ill. Not just him but his classmates also.
So far this year he has had bronchitis, constant coughs, fevers, a rash that lasted forever, the flu, a stomach virus that lasted 3 days, and now he has a fever and a cough, and he said it is hard to swallow. The doctor said it is a virus. He has been absent a total of 20 times this year.
Now if he was in a high school I am sure I would have to go up there and scream that he was not cutting. But being that he has a brother in high school and we all know that children like to share germs my other son has also been stricken with the same illnesses as wee one. All except the rash that was not contagious.
So I wonder besides the fact that children do share germs are the classrooms sanitized on a regular basis? Or have we forgotten all about the virus that claimed lives at the beginning of the school year?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am angry

that could be a good thing or a bad thing. It is also the reason why I haven't posted in a while.
I am sick of the continual crap coming out of the Department of Education. The fact that they Dynamic Duo are experimenting on our children with new initiatives and cutting money from the budget and making snide remarks that the schools really are being over funded so taking crumbs away won't make a difference.
I am ill at the thought of the 8th grade retention policy that was put forth without any public input. Not like public input was ever listened to by these two butt heads.
When Klein speaks about education reforms I want to throw up. Kind of like whenever I see Bush talk about anything (the economy does suck you jackass) I get physically ill and just want to smack that snarky look off his face.
Oops I digress again.
I was around and had a 3rd grader when the first 3rd grade retention policy was thrown at us. With no extra money to fund the program and no extra resource room teachers, tutors, after school programs, what exactly are we supposed to do with our children that need that help. Just let them fail take away the self esteem. We all know that they won't be able to make that touted Charter School because the Charter Schools don't want them.
Now our new governor for however long he will be there since sex is such a crazed topic this day. Oh sex oh I quiver giggle. The fact that it is all over the news and I needed to kind of explain to my 7 year old what a prostitute was. I guess though that was better than when middle one was 7 and I he asked me what a blow job was, Monica Lewinsky.
Anyway since sex is the topic of the day, Paterson came out and said he would like to help education downstate (us), but without taxing the wealthy for it, but you know what I think Charter Schools are the answer, yeah that's the ticket. More Charters, private solution with public monies.
Hey you know what Paterson this is my idea, how about you do more charter schools, private solution with PRIVATE MONIES. Why the hell should I finance a Charter School that I don't believe in. One that only wants to dismantle the union. Oh that's right who needs a stinkin union anyway. Otherwise who will protect our wonderful teachers. Oops I forgot we don't care about the teachers. They suck anyway. It is all their fault that our children is stupid. That is right I wrote that wrong for a reason. I know why you all want our teachers gone, you don't care about educating the public. We need more lower wage earners. I don't know why because their are no more manufacturing jobs. Unless retail is the way to go.
As for the Parent Surveys you sent out again. I noticed that all the questions were the same. So since the questions were the same I just tossed mine in the trash. I don't feel like you really give a shit what I have to say anyway.
So once again I have some advice for you. Get rid of the surveys and all those other useless functions at the DOE that should free up some money. Do we really need the Office of Parent Engagement. It is not like you really want to engage the parents anyway.
Stop taking money out of our schools already. You can't close them all for failing yet. I know that is the grand scheme.
Oh and please stop asking your clueless friends to tout you on what a wonderful job you are doing Brownie errrr I mean Joel. When was the last time Barbara Walters had a child in a public school or has been in one for that matter. I challenge all these big mouths that say they are your friends to spend a month in a low performing school and then come back and tell me what a great job you are doing.
Rant over.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some changes

I know, I know I am quiet again. Having three kids and having to chauffeur them here there and everywhere I have not had the time to come here. I will be back probably tomorrow with some new thoughts.
Parent Surveys are out and all that bullshit that was preached to us, about listening to parents and teachers concerns for the new survey is just that, bull. I see Klein's nose getting bigger every time he speaks. My surveys are going to be sent back blank just like last years. I might email Klein though and ask him to stop wasting our time with lies and have Bloomberg ask his friends to donate money to programs that work instead of asking parents stupid questions that you will mangle into data that is driven from your mucking up the facts.

My middle guy read a speech last week for a high school event. He was up with about 10 other children from other schools. He got cut first round and was very disappointed but he will live. He is also shooting a movie with some friends for school and they are on a tight schedule so I have to live around that too.

My older guy doesn't live with me anymore, but that does not mean that he doesn't drop over here at the drop of a hat to get something ummm I mean make me do something for him. Being he is a student, and has two jobs.
Also the IRS Blows, that boy has to pay income tax to the state because he supposedly makes to much money. You know since he has to pay the state I only see it fitting that the state gives him more money for his education.

I am now down 18 big pounds. Wahoo for me. I am on this new detox diet where you can't eat
dairy, eggs, white flour, refined sugar or yeast. I dare you to try this diet, it was a real pain in the ass the first week and after about 3 days I was craving big hunks of cheese. Today is the second week of it. I am eating sugar because you go try to find a cereal that does not have any. I did find two but they taste like bark. I am used to the bark taste now though.