Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Grandfather

My grandfather passed away this morning. He was 91.
He worked since he was in the third grade to help support his family. Sold newspapers under the Manhattan Bridge.
He loved to tell stories. Most of them were hard to understand and to tell you the truth I still don't get them, but I would love to hear one right now.
Pissed Off want to hear a short story?
Once upon a time there was a chicken
The chicken drank wine, the wine was red and the chicken dropped dead.
Right now I can hear my grandmother saying
shut up Patrick that is a stupid story, and my grandfather saying aww Maggie come on it is cute, as he picked up his glass of red wine and drank.
So here is to you grandpa, up in the sky drinking your red wine and my grandmother saying to you, welcome home.

He is survived by 5 great grandsons and two grandchildren who will miss him greatly.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guess who

Whew! Finally the computer is up and running again. We had a trojan that dumped our system files on by one. Good thing my husband was savvy enough to get it running again without us losing one single file. Yippee!

The end of the school year is here finally. I am so burnt out, and I need a vacation. I mean being a parent and all these backdoor deals that were made this year to further erode the demeanor of teacher's and parents, my brain can't take to much more of this. Ha! Ha!, just kidding. Now more underhanded deals are going to be made in the next two months while they think we are asleep.

My middle guy graduates from Benjamin Cardozo tomorrow. I can not express to you how much I am glad to be the hell out of there. Well I bet not any more than my son. He hated the place. Complained almost every single day how the school was filthy, overcrowded, and just a very unfriendly place.
He said the only thing that saved him was that he was big and could see over peoples head in the hallways and everyone basically knew who he was. He is pretty memorable. I said it to my husband when I went to visit middle one at work and saw him coming up the block to meet me.
That boy is a walking redwood.

Little one also needs a break. He is a wee guy and is born in December. He is also tall and his appearance and vocabulary and overall brilliance (sorry the boy is brilliant), makes people forget that he is not "emotionally" ready for his grade. His academics are but his maturity level is not there yet.
He has had a hard year, but I have noticed that damn he is smart. Tutoring rocks!!! I bet he would not be as advanced as he is if I did not demand that he get tutoring to have him excel.

Still having a hard time understanding division by subtraction thingie, that is not only confusing the shit out of me, but other parents as well. Yes we do talk to each other while we are waiting for dismissal, not just wondering what the hell is taking you so long to dismiss our kids. Oh wait, we do that too.

Which leads me to my other bitch fest. While I was listening and reading about the new DOE bungles and crap fest of stupidity, I had no place to spew.
So why in the hell are we outsourcing jobs to firms to help OUR children be placed in middle schools, pre-K's and next year Kindergarten. Oh, oh, I know, I know....is it because you took away our district offices, our Regions, our control. Is it?

By making parent's dangle on your string while we waited to find out what middle school our child was to attend did not cause grief at all. Having to bring siblings attend different schools next year is not going to be a problem either. That was a good plan though Joel. I have to admit it, it was a great plan to disenfranchise parents and make the middle class flee from your schools in record numbers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whew the heat wave is over

I just about melted from the heat and like a good parent I sent my children to roast in school. I don't get why school districts in Philadelphia, New Jersey and other states sent their precious cargo (students) home, but here in the wilted Apple our children are not considered. Joel were you baking in a school?
When I picked wee one up yesterday his face was as red as his shirt. I know I could have kept him home but I work right around corner from his school so I can just run over there to get him if needed.
It does not surprise me one bit that schools were open it is all about the money, can you make it any more obvious.
I have a new ass hat meter for bonehead moves by the DOE.
This one gets 4 out of 5 ass hats.

My computer is toast

Yesterday my computer decided to die. Not sure what happened but when wee one put it on it started to physically dump files. My husband the IT guy is in the process of figuring it all out. That means I am stuck using my work computer or prying the laptop that I bought middle one out of his thick meaty hands.
I am a bit miffed because it means I lost all my ITunes stuff. I backed up some but not all. I do have a life, 3 kids and all.
Oh well things happen.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Schools filthy

Today's daily news reports that the also in the budget cuts we are going to lose approximately 600 cleaners from schools. So glad that gigantor is graduating from High School, because his school is absolutely filthy now. There are roughly 4,000 students in his school lets say 50% of them are boys. For those 2,000 students they get to use one bathroom. ONE. It is always dirty.
He told me and so have his friends that they rather hold it in the whole day then use the bathroom.
Wee one was absent from school an excessive amount this year. I am sure it was around 30 days. I have received 5 there is lice in the school letters, one for chicken pox and one for some obscure disease. He was constantly out with fevers, coughs, stomach viruses, strep you get the point. He was not the only one. As soon as I heard some child in his class was ill, I told we one remember clean your hands, no fingers in the mouth etc. But no matter what precaution I took my child got sick.
I have an idea lets fire all the cleaners and ask parents to clean the schools, give them tax breaks. I know you like to give us tax breaks Mike so you can make big budget cuts and tell us the economy is bad. I want you to take my $500 tax break rebate check and put it back into education after all I am a stakeholder in your corporation, you know the schools that you run that way, only you tell the parents to shut up.

The first cut is the deepest...

I had a conversation with little one's Principal , it was brief, but it concerned the new budget cuts. I have told you it is a small school and any cut is too much of a cut. Actually no school should receive a cut but this one is deep. Since we lost so much in the last cut we truly could not afford another one. Not like Klein cares. I asked her so what are we losing. She said that she was happy that the classes would stay intact, and good news is we have 40 incoming Kindergarten students. She also said that the first thing that would go is our F status teacher, the children would no longer be able to access the library. Hmm a school, and no library. That is okay though the kids don't need to learn how to love literature, it only broadens their horizons and we can't have that now, can we?
She also said that we would lose art programs, we don't need those either, since we all know that art is stupid anyway. You can't test the kids on art, well at least not yet.
The other evening at the PTA meeting the budget cuts were presented again and one thing that she told the parents was that we were good except for the same points above. Then she went on to say that a few of our children will be showcased at the big Art Fair that Joel has been touting as wow look at us we have these great students and teachers that have the arts.
When I got the email telling me about this art fair I just looked at it and said to myself, damn Joel you are such a hypocrite. You want us to believe that our schools are well rounded but I am sure that you don't know that the PA's. and PTA's have to whore ourselves to get those art programs to be a mainstay in our schools, and you know what else you big asshat (love that word) the economy is not only bad for the school budget, but it is also bad for us parents that don't have two nickels, or with this economy pennies to rub together. Stop funneling money from Mikey's friends into hair brained schemes like hmmm the Leadership Academy, fire Alvarez and Marsal, and all your consultants. Ask them to fund programs like the Arts, ask them while you are at the Met, or Lincoln Center, or Carnegie Hall. While you are at it ask them to also fund After school programs, tutoring and mentoring to high risk kids. Then and maybe then we can salvage what is left of our public schools, before they all go into the toilet

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Contract for Excellence hearings rescheduled again

For goodness sakes Joel can you be more transparent? Apparently you think that we are all stupid and are unaware that you keep rescheduling the hearings because you really care what we have to say.
Why don't you just schedule the hearings in August when we are all away.
As it is now we are all getting ready for the end of the school year, making sure are children are going to be taken care of while we toil away to make ends meet.
Its the just same old, same old....maybe just now you think we won't notice.