Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Schools filthy

Today's daily news reports that the also in the budget cuts we are going to lose approximately 600 cleaners from schools. So glad that gigantor is graduating from High School, because his school is absolutely filthy now. There are roughly 4,000 students in his school lets say 50% of them are boys. For those 2,000 students they get to use one bathroom. ONE. It is always dirty.
He told me and so have his friends that they rather hold it in the whole day then use the bathroom.
Wee one was absent from school an excessive amount this year. I am sure it was around 30 days. I have received 5 there is lice in the school letters, one for chicken pox and one for some obscure disease. He was constantly out with fevers, coughs, stomach viruses, strep you get the point. He was not the only one. As soon as I heard some child in his class was ill, I told we one remember clean your hands, no fingers in the mouth etc. But no matter what precaution I took my child got sick.
I have an idea lets fire all the cleaners and ask parents to clean the schools, give them tax breaks. I know you like to give us tax breaks Mike so you can make big budget cuts and tell us the economy is bad. I want you to take my $500 tax break rebate check and put it back into education after all I am a stakeholder in your corporation, you know the schools that you run that way, only you tell the parents to shut up.


Chaz said...

Of course Tweed doesn't suffer from reduced cleaning services. Kleinberg's "children last program" continues

Pissed Off said...

The trailer next door has no garbage can in the bathroom. When the teacher asked for one, he was told there were none in the building and "the kids throw everything on the floor anyways." Needless to say, no one can use that bathroom.

Imagine what will happen now with budget cuts.