Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The first cut is the deepest...

I had a conversation with little one's Principal , it was brief, but it concerned the new budget cuts. I have told you it is a small school and any cut is too much of a cut. Actually no school should receive a cut but this one is deep. Since we lost so much in the last cut we truly could not afford another one. Not like Klein cares. I asked her so what are we losing. She said that she was happy that the classes would stay intact, and good news is we have 40 incoming Kindergarten students. She also said that the first thing that would go is our F status teacher, the children would no longer be able to access the library. Hmm a school, and no library. That is okay though the kids don't need to learn how to love literature, it only broadens their horizons and we can't have that now, can we?
She also said that we would lose art programs, we don't need those either, since we all know that art is stupid anyway. You can't test the kids on art, well at least not yet.
The other evening at the PTA meeting the budget cuts were presented again and one thing that she told the parents was that we were good except for the same points above. Then she went on to say that a few of our children will be showcased at the big Art Fair that Joel has been touting as wow look at us we have these great students and teachers that have the arts.
When I got the email telling me about this art fair I just looked at it and said to myself, damn Joel you are such a hypocrite. You want us to believe that our schools are well rounded but I am sure that you don't know that the PA's. and PTA's have to whore ourselves to get those art programs to be a mainstay in our schools, and you know what else you big asshat (love that word) the economy is not only bad for the school budget, but it is also bad for us parents that don't have two nickels, or with this economy pennies to rub together. Stop funneling money from Mikey's friends into hair brained schemes like hmmm the Leadership Academy, fire Alvarez and Marsal, and all your consultants. Ask them to fund programs like the Arts, ask them while you are at the Met, or Lincoln Center, or Carnegie Hall. While you are at it ask them to also fund After school programs, tutoring and mentoring to high risk kids. Then and maybe then we can salvage what is left of our public schools, before they all go into the toilet

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