Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Public vs Private Schools

On Easter my sister in law was asking me some questions about public High Schools.
Her daughter who has always attended private school, would like to attend a Public High School. One for the arts. She has been accepted to a few of them, but on the same hand she was also accepted to fine Private High Schools.
So we grabbed middle guys laptop and I showed her how to navigate through the DOE's portal and how to access statistics etc. One school as I was reading the current Quality Review of the school I began to cackle. That is correct cackle. The Quality Review of the school as a whole was written that the school was data driven, and that they use data to access on how to further help the children to achieve their goals. I hope you are not drinking because I am sure you probably spewed your drink by now.
It went on to how wonderful the ARIS computer has helped the Principal and the staff to identify the needs to the children in our new data driven goals.
So by now I was laughing so hard I had to apologize to my sister in law and I gave her this piece of advice, after I told my brother in law to come into the room.
I told her if she had the money to send her daughter to the Private School the one that teaches Latin, why in the world would she even be considering Public. Where my High School Senior chimed in Public School blows.


TIP-The Innovative Parent said...

I had my child in public (NYC) and pulled him and he is private and I am happy, he is happy and truthfully the DOE is happy as well. Choice...high taxes to live in Long Island and go to public or low taxes live in the city and go to private. 6 of 1 half a dozen of another. Bottom line public is okay where there is money and is not that great where there is no money.

Love your story about ARIS... So its not just the inside folks who are laughing but parents as well. So sad. 65Million sad.

private school said...

Private high schools work for the over all development of students. These schools motivate students to participate in games and other extra curricular activities.