Monday, March 24, 2008

Do schools get cleaned anymore?

Just wondering because my son is constantly ill. Not just him but his classmates also.
So far this year he has had bronchitis, constant coughs, fevers, a rash that lasted forever, the flu, a stomach virus that lasted 3 days, and now he has a fever and a cough, and he said it is hard to swallow. The doctor said it is a virus. He has been absent a total of 20 times this year.
Now if he was in a high school I am sure I would have to go up there and scream that he was not cutting. But being that he has a brother in high school and we all know that children like to share germs my other son has also been stricken with the same illnesses as wee one. All except the rash that was not contagious.
So I wonder besides the fact that children do share germs are the classrooms sanitized on a regular basis? Or have we forgotten all about the virus that claimed lives at the beginning of the school year?


Pissed Off said...

Trailers have no soap and no paper towels. Some days, no toilet paper either.

The principals says "talk to the union." This doesn't sound like a union problem to me.

Anonymous said...

What exactly would the "union" do for us? The "custodial staff" has the job of cleaning....only they are just not accountable. Packeminanscrewem High School is filthy disgusting and definitely unsanitary. When MERSA infections were big news, we had a little more soap and paper towels. Now, they are a memory. Bring your own toilet paper, it's not always a priority in the ladies' room.

Ms. Tsouris