Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am angry

that could be a good thing or a bad thing. It is also the reason why I haven't posted in a while.
I am sick of the continual crap coming out of the Department of Education. The fact that they Dynamic Duo are experimenting on our children with new initiatives and cutting money from the budget and making snide remarks that the schools really are being over funded so taking crumbs away won't make a difference.
I am ill at the thought of the 8th grade retention policy that was put forth without any public input. Not like public input was ever listened to by these two butt heads.
When Klein speaks about education reforms I want to throw up. Kind of like whenever I see Bush talk about anything (the economy does suck you jackass) I get physically ill and just want to smack that snarky look off his face.
Oops I digress again.
I was around and had a 3rd grader when the first 3rd grade retention policy was thrown at us. With no extra money to fund the program and no extra resource room teachers, tutors, after school programs, what exactly are we supposed to do with our children that need that help. Just let them fail take away the self esteem. We all know that they won't be able to make that touted Charter School because the Charter Schools don't want them.
Now our new governor for however long he will be there since sex is such a crazed topic this day. Oh sex oh I quiver giggle. The fact that it is all over the news and I needed to kind of explain to my 7 year old what a prostitute was. I guess though that was better than when middle one was 7 and I he asked me what a blow job was, Monica Lewinsky.
Anyway since sex is the topic of the day, Paterson came out and said he would like to help education downstate (us), but without taxing the wealthy for it, but you know what I think Charter Schools are the answer, yeah that's the ticket. More Charters, private solution with public monies.
Hey you know what Paterson this is my idea, how about you do more charter schools, private solution with PRIVATE MONIES. Why the hell should I finance a Charter School that I don't believe in. One that only wants to dismantle the union. Oh that's right who needs a stinkin union anyway. Otherwise who will protect our wonderful teachers. Oops I forgot we don't care about the teachers. They suck anyway. It is all their fault that our children is stupid. That is right I wrote that wrong for a reason. I know why you all want our teachers gone, you don't care about educating the public. We need more lower wage earners. I don't know why because their are no more manufacturing jobs. Unless retail is the way to go.
As for the Parent Surveys you sent out again. I noticed that all the questions were the same. So since the questions were the same I just tossed mine in the trash. I don't feel like you really give a shit what I have to say anyway.
So once again I have some advice for you. Get rid of the surveys and all those other useless functions at the DOE that should free up some money. Do we really need the Office of Parent Engagement. It is not like you really want to engage the parents anyway.
Stop taking money out of our schools already. You can't close them all for failing yet. I know that is the grand scheme.
Oh and please stop asking your clueless friends to tout you on what a wonderful job you are doing Brownie errrr I mean Joel. When was the last time Barbara Walters had a child in a public school or has been in one for that matter. I challenge all these big mouths that say they are your friends to spend a month in a low performing school and then come back and tell me what a great job you are doing.
Rant over.


Pissed Off said...

Thanks for your words. Too bad no one who can do anything with them will take them seriously.

Pissed Off said...

As for the survey, I will fill mine out, but make it as negative as possible.

Our principal told us to try to influence parents to write positive things. I just say, write what you feel is true. I would not sway the kids in my classes either.

Pissed Off Mom said...

I was going to make mine negative as well, but I did that last year and we see how well that worked.
I did it for the high school, for the elementary school I handed it in blank.

The middle school that is my feeder school had very poor things on the survey from the staff. Nothing has changed there.

17 (really 15) more years said...

We were told that we "must" fill in the surveys, and better make sure we get them from the kids as well (they're basically being bribed to bring them in). Apparently, staff didn't have anything nice to say about administration last year, because we are told, "you know, if there's a problem, come talk to us". I didn't realize that they get points on the progress report or something based on survey response. To me, that was a good reason to throw mine out.