Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some changes

I know, I know I am quiet again. Having three kids and having to chauffeur them here there and everywhere I have not had the time to come here. I will be back probably tomorrow with some new thoughts.
Parent Surveys are out and all that bullshit that was preached to us, about listening to parents and teachers concerns for the new survey is just that, bull. I see Klein's nose getting bigger every time he speaks. My surveys are going to be sent back blank just like last years. I might email Klein though and ask him to stop wasting our time with lies and have Bloomberg ask his friends to donate money to programs that work instead of asking parents stupid questions that you will mangle into data that is driven from your mucking up the facts.

My middle guy read a speech last week for a high school event. He was up with about 10 other children from other schools. He got cut first round and was very disappointed but he will live. He is also shooting a movie with some friends for school and they are on a tight schedule so I have to live around that too.

My older guy doesn't live with me anymore, but that does not mean that he doesn't drop over here at the drop of a hat to get something ummm I mean make me do something for him. Being he is a student, and has two jobs.
Also the IRS Blows, that boy has to pay income tax to the state because he supposedly makes to much money. You know since he has to pay the state I only see it fitting that the state gives him more money for his education.

I am now down 18 big pounds. Wahoo for me. I am on this new detox diet where you can't eat
dairy, eggs, white flour, refined sugar or yeast. I dare you to try this diet, it was a real pain in the ass the first week and after about 3 days I was craving big hunks of cheese. Today is the second week of it. I am eating sugar because you go try to find a cereal that does not have any. I did find two but they taste like bark. I am used to the bark taste now though.

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Pissed Off said...

Congrats on the weight loss.

I need to lose some weight (luckily it doesn't show) but I have zero will power.