Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fourth Grade

My son is emotional, strung out and stressed, and so are his classmates. They are being overloaded with to much information in such a short amount of time, it is data overload.
I don't remember the other two being so stressed and this one the youngest is clever, very smart, street wise and book wise. It makes him mad scientist smart. He surprises me sometimes how he puts things together. Last night doing his homework assignment which should have taken a half hour took an hour and a half because I had to sit there with him and re-teach him the assignment. I gave him a break after the first melt down and we were looking at a magazine. I told him that I liked the desk in the picture, but not the chair. He told me matter of fact that he felt the same way, and that it made sense because we share genes which makes us alike and it is true because he learned it in school today. They way he said it was that there was no arguing the fact that we are related, which relieved his stress and we could get back to the lesson.
So now while I am teaching him the lesson again, I wondered truly who has time in their busy schedules to sit down with their kids and read a chapter to them and explain it so they comprehend what was just taught. The teacher right, not the parent. No wonder we are in this mess. Add a few more tests to the already over saturated testing time Mikey. I understand the testing companies need more influx of cash

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NYC mom said...

I feel the same way! My child is in 2nd grade, in a district G&T. They had Abbreviations for Grammar HW last Monday. The teacher did not formally go through the material in the classroom, and the kids are expected to read the information first, and then go ahead and do the homework. This method works well for some serious, conscientious children, but my child is not that type right now. It's the same in Math. The teacher gave a pre-test this week, and the kids get homework. If I did not sit down and go through the details of how to calculate start or end times based on duration of activity, my child is bound to make errors in the homework. I thought the whole idea of homework was to reinforce what was taught in the classroom!