Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mayor Mike gives a speech

I was bored today, go figure, I am unemployed after all. There is just so much time you can spend on Facebook. I have been kicking some major ass in Mafia Wars and my in my FarmTown I made a zillion bucks, oops A.D.D back on track.
Guess what I did today? I bet you have no idea. I watched Bloomberg give a speech, this was the official title Sec. Duncan and Mayor Bloomberg discuss Education Reform in the 21st Century. It was a breakfast in Washington D.C. Mayor Mike got to read a speech saying just how great NYC schools are and teachers need to be held accountable, that is why we have all these tests and we will grant tenure to teachers who perform like circus monkey's, I mean he said those that have students with the best scores get a free ride and those that score the lowest are thrown out on the loser butts that they are. Ummm Mike someone has to get the lowest score so you are a little sly one on the scare tactics.
While I am listening to his spectacular speech, I noticed something he was stumbling over his written words. Damn Mike couldn't you read the effin thing first. You dolt.
So as he goes on how we have to get rid of these bad, good for nothing teachers he goes on to say the Rubber Room is a disgrace because we have to pay teachers so sit in them. He does not explain what a Rubber Room is for and just how many teachers are unjustly place there.I just want to say Mike you are such a prat.
Damn unemployment rocks!!!!!
Mike you are lying about the NAEP scores now, way to shell game the statistics, man are you people naive., but I am not. Okay I can be blond at times but I know education better than Joel, and I am mean. Make me Chancellor I can whip those bad teachers down. Oh yeah that's right I have a soul.
It think it is time for me to get back into the game. Thanks Mayor Mike you making my company leave the city gave me an outlet. So now you screwed two things that are dear to me up. a) my sons education and b) my money making ability. I do like to stimulate the economy.
I decided I could not watch anymore without throwing a rock through the tv. Oh wait there you
go saying you close failing schools and then open news schools with new teachers and administration. New leadership from the leadership academy that has your friends tax breaks written all over it. But as he said that he threw the ATR's under the bus. He had the nerve to say we should get rid off all ATR's and Rubber Room people. That they are only a waste of money that could be spent in the classrooms. Really Mike what classrooms the overcrowded classrooms that you forgot to mention. Or all the money that you have cut out of schools and then turn around and blame your teachers for the failures. Holy shit, I better just shut him off now. but I always liked to watch a train wreck.


Chaz said...


You got it right. Blam the teachers for the Bloomberg/Klein misguided policy and their "children last" decision.

願望 said...

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