Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Whats new pussycat?

I said it before but you might need some reminding. I don't like my children to be taken advantage of in their endeavors in to receive a better than State Mandated Education. I have been through budget cuts with my middle son and have seen first hand what an overcrowded classroom can do for a child and a teacher. I hoped that more than 10 years after the first fight that this would not occur again, after the state mandated what class size should be. I know I am naive. What it really is I have hope. Silly of me isn't it?
So once again more children have to suffer. Each year wee ones class roster increases he is now in a class of 28, oh please stop the eye roll already I know its a futile complaint. 28 Fourth graders made up mostly of pre-pubescent boys who are just darlings, (can you see the sly smile on my face), is not an easy task for any teacher. Especially when she is trying to get them all ready for all those pesky state tests. So this year he has 28 next year he has 35. Middle School 40 and so forth. It is okay the class size, really it is because we all know it is the Principals fault for not taking that class size reduction money. It is offered to them but they don't take it so it is there fault. Not that there is no room in the school, unless we want to teach them in the hall, what? oh they already teach in the hall. I was not aware of that. Were you?
Our Kindergarten classes have 50 children. Not like I did not see that happen, great economy, high cost of private school versus public. Lets see what would you do?
I am sure the DOE is not breaking any fire codes by cramming to many children in a class, or any health code violations. Not the DOE they do everything on the up and up don't they?

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