Thursday, September 10, 2009

New School year ahead

Wahoo school has begun. This year it has been announced that their will be deeper cuts. No Art, gym once a week, no library access, that is unless the classroom teacher will do it, and I would not give up a prep period, would you?
So once again we must go and beg for outside monies. Grant monies that are usually not handed out in this District. I yearn for the good old when we had a district days. When the District as a whole applied for a grant and received it.

One another note, wee one has a teacher that is brand new to the school. Looking forward to learning with her. A friend made me laugh when he said it was good for me that she is new to the school. Means she does not know my reputation. I told him oh yee of little faith. Small school=more gossip.

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