Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My computer crapped out again. So we are building a new one.

Wee One's camp closed before it even opened so he is at the mercy of his brothers. You know you really can't tell parents a week before school closes that you need to find a new camp. He is on a wait list for a camp that won't bankrupt us. In the meantime he is happy to be like his brothers and not have to do anything. His words not mine.

Wee one got a report card that I feel is undeserved. His former teacher has a problem. It is called burn out. Retire already dammit, and do the kids a bleeping favor, or get some better medication. To the people in that school who know who I am, don't leave any hate on this blog. I am not going to back down, this time.

Middle one is out of Cardozo. I had to go pick up his diploma and report card on Friday, since we buried my grandfather on Thursday.
Excuse me for not knowing how to find his guidance counselor. I walked in asked for the guidance office and the guards just pointed which way to go. If I was a bloodhound it would have been easy for me to find it, but since I am a grieving parent I did not know.
Yeah, okay so it is the first office but I did not know, being that I had never had to see a guidance counselor in all the years he was there.
And to the teacher, aide, person who I approached in the hall to ask a question. Good ignoring technique, I bet you were surprised as hell when I got loud with you.

I will be back with a post about wee one's teacher and why I feel his report card was graded unfairly. And no, I am not a typical parent thinking my child is brilliant when he is not.

A quick observation and you tell me.
A conversation we had in mid May.
Mom why is it bad luck if a mirror breaks, or is that superstition?
It is superstition, but tell me why you think it is superstition?
Him: I bet it was because mirrors were expensive.
Me: good thought
Did you know when mommy was little your uncle and I had a black cat. You know what they say about people who have black cats.
Him: oh that makes a lot of sense because middle one says you are a real witch.

smart and quick

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Pissed Off said...

Where's the dirt on the HS your son went to? You promised it after he graduated.