Monday, August 20, 2007

Five years of Klein

Joel Klein marks his Fifth year as Chancellor of the largest school system in the country. Five years and what has changed? Nothing really.
We had district offices, then we had regions, now we are back to districts.
Parents and teachers are still calling for smaller class size. We can't have smaller class size because as Joel says, anyone can lower class size but we really need quality teachers.
Have we attracted those quality teachers yet Joel? We seem to attract fellows, but after a year they run away scared.
Now he thinks he has come up with a better solution 3 R's for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Let me think about this. We can not attract quality teachers for our older children, but we will be able to teach the younger set to read, do math, and right, oops not correct it is write. Silly me.
Come on now Joel you truly seem to miss the point time and time again.
You constantly say that this has to be done in the high poverty areas, where private schools are not always the answer. Another point missed.
Or is it. Are you trying to make us read between the lines, are you saying the Public Schools can't work, because they are not Private Schools?, or are you trying to say Public Schools don't work, because they are not Charter Schools. Wait I know, I do, I do.
another one of your quotes might explain it
You can't make significant change . . . without there being a certain amount of resistance and pushback," he said. "There are lots of people who are not resistant [to change], but I simply didn't communicate effectively about what [the change] was. They didn't fully understand. They felt things were moving" and they weren't part of it.

Now I know things were moving and maybe I was not an immediate part of what you were trying to change, but my children are, and with them I in theory are part of that change.
You do talk the talk, but unfortunately your children are not the one's that walk to the walk. My oldest child now a Senior in High School. Is still crammed in a school with over 4,500 students.
All summer long, when I went to pick up wee one from camp, I heard stories about the middle school and how the Principal has run the school into the ground, and quality teachers have hemorrhaged out of the school in June. Now this concerns me greatly as the middle school years are the toughest. If teachers with seniority left, who is left to mentor the new ones.
Also this school has always had a problem attracting quality Math teachers. So I do not see a positive change here.
So as Joel and the media spin his fantastic 5 years as Chancellor, I say boo, because the people who know the true story, the teachers, the students and the parents are silenced and made to not able to report their disdain for the so called fantastic changes that are occuring. Joel give me a call when you can properly (without lies) outline the positive effects that you have occured since you have become in control of the system.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right. Klein has had little or no positive effect upon the people who have the most to gain or loose in public education, the students. When this administration expires you can bet that BloomKlein will put their own biased spin on what they will have claimed to have accomplished. It will take another two terms without mayoral control to right
the failures of the BloomKlein ERROR.