Friday, August 3, 2007

School Closures May Open Way For New Charters

The New York Sun has reported something that we have all been grumbling about for some time. The BOE ( I am no longer calling them the DOE, they are the BOE because it is politics as usual) has a plan to start closing schools and reopening them as charters. Is there anyone out there that did not know this was the plan? So they finally admitted it they are going to Privatize Education. I feel for our children that don't meet the mold of a Charter School, because if you believe for one New York minute that there is not a mold then you probably have your head in the sand. I can see it now, 5000 parents applying for 30 seats, the media at the event with the cameras showing anxious parents waiting to see if there child is awarded the prized spot and then the parents deflated. Oh what am I going to do now? It was my only chance.
Hey wake up your only chance is to get out there and ask why your school is not held up to higher standards. Why your child is receiving a substandard education. Why it is allowed in this day and age. Speak up people, drink another cup of coffee and wake up. The wave of the future are Charter Schools where teachers are asked to work extra hours with no extra pay. Where their rights are taken away, with no union protection. If the staff rotates on a regular basis then your child's education will suffer too.

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Anonymous said...

Below are some links on a particular charter school you refered to in another blog entry, in a somewhat chronological order.
Several of the links are in Spanish, note that on the August 21st article in El Diario La Prensa, the soon to be former principal states that the DOE has subjected her school and her to more scrutiny than other schools because she is a latina. The latest article in the NY Post (august 27th) has a very catchy title. My hope is that people wake up to the reality of charter schools."LOCALES"&id=1700731&Day=21&Month=8&Year=2007"LOCALES"&id=1703162&Day=24&Month=8&Year=2007