Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Summer

A few things I love about summer, not having to wake the children to get them off to school, no screaming about getting homework, and assignments done, and being out of the house on a continual basis.
A few weeks ago I went shopping to get my middle one off for his annual Florida trip with my sister in law. Everyone should have a sister in law that takes one of sometimes two of your children off to Florida for two weeks.
I am in line to pay for my purchases for middle one and the bill came out to an astronomical number (you purchase clothes for a boy who is 6'5" tall and the same around and see how much it costs) and 32 cents. So I hand the boy, (I call him a boy because he was the most 20), the money and he inputs the amount in the cash register while I was looking for the 32 cents, I hand it to him and he says to late. I said excuse me?, he says, to late I already entered the amount. I said okay, that is nice but look at the receipt I am giving you the 32 cents and you hand me back an additional dollar He said no it is to late, and I say apparently so.


Pissed Off said...

I used to get upset about those things too until I taught special education for a few years. There are plenty of people out there that really can't make change and are just trying to make a living. I had a boy one time who was such a good worker that he made it as a manager of Wendy's. When the computer when down he could not make change. I also taught a girl who would not ride the bus because she could not make change. All these people look like you and me and no one would ever know about these disabilities by looking at them.

NYC Educator said...

Perhaps I should be more sympathetic. I think, though, there are still people who are that way out of sheer negligence.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Thank you for another lesson taught Pissed Off.