Friday, July 20, 2007

You can put lipstick on the pig but after all.....

it is still just a pig.
A few days ago I read Norm's report of the PEP meeting which I wanted to attend but being that I am a working woman, umm a working mom, wait still does not sound good, okay I have a job, in Queens getting to the meeting on time was not happening for me.
I read it then looked at the video of Joel playing with his blackberry, way to pay attention Joel.
But when Joel told Norm that he just does not get it, I wish I was there. Maybe I don't get it, being educated in the Public System I might be a wee daft. Just kidding I am not daft, a little nutty maybe but not daft.
But this is what I want to say. The Board of Education was changed to the Department of Education, they got rid of 110 Livingston Street and moved to Tweed Courthouse (enough said a place known for corruption), is still the same bloated bureaucracy.
They got rid of School Boards, and started CEC's, the got rid of the districts made regions, went back to districts.
They decided to give the Principals autonomy of their schools and created a new plan called Children First, then there is the Contract for Excellence and the budget and the Held Harmless monies. For goodness sakes that is a lot of bull to remember. A way to confuse maybe, so maybe I don't get it, because there is a lot of bureaucracy to get through.
Then there is the new small class size initiative the one where the state mandated that has to be implemented in 5 years. It is never going to happen, Kleinberg does not want it. If they did want it they would start working on it.
Not some half baked plan that they have come up with, Norm has outlined the plan here.
If anyone does not get it, it is Kleinberg, the non educators, the people who had children in fancy private schools. Stop telling us the people who are in the system that we don't get it and ask us how we think it should be changed, maybe you will learn something.

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