Friday, October 17, 2008

Chancellor Announces Arts in Schools

Psst, Joel, yeah you. I hear that Arts in Schools are doing just great. You big fat liar. I see your pants and they are on fire. The report that apparently (yes I did read it) arts education in ALL ART DISCIPLINES have increased. Yeah really, have they Joel, have they. Lets see. I have said it a few times in this blog but my sons school does not have art at all, and I know his is not the only one, because unlike you I talk to parents, and I listen to them. You got rid of Project Arts. Remember that program the one that provided schools with a budget to bring Arts into the schools. Without Project Arts schools don't have the budgetary funds to enrich the children with a well rounded art program. Which increases a child's learning.
Let me ask you this Joel, like you care, but just how to you pick and choose which school is deserving of an arts education? As far as I see it ALL schools should receive an arts education. After all this is New York City. You know the city that has Broadway, Off Broadway, Galleries and hmmm some of the greatest Museums in the country. If you can hit your friends up for stupid yes stupid ways to invest their monies to help education. Well it doesn't really help education but you see it as helping. Cough Leadership Academy cough.
Since you have been in control schools have gone from worse to just the same. There have been no major improvements that I can see.All the lying and fake reports you put out are only fooling the uninformed. The people that don't have a child in the system.
Stop lying already Joel no one is buying it.

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Judith Katz said...

It seems as though, the most viable, intact music programs that are left in the city, are the ones going on in elementary and middle schools.

If you are a high school kid, the pickings are small. If you are unlucky and cannot get into one of the audition schools ( LaGuardia, Bayside, Frank Sinatra, Talent Unlimited) , there are precious few high school performance programs left. One by one, the principals have gotten rid of them and opted instead to go with the cheaper, general music choice. This is a very foolish choice indeed. This move has cut into the cultural enrichment that NYC used to provide all students in the past. NYC, that prides itself as being one of the truly great cultural capitals of the world cannot provide even adaquate arts instruction for all students.

Aware parents know that maintaining skills on an instrument or vocal music can open up scholarship and stipend opportunities in college for students, regardless of their future major tracks.

Cutting performance opportunities for NYC students now cuts NYC students out of some opportunities. It is stupid, foolish and tragic.

Parents should start putting pressure on principals, superintendants and the officals at Tweed to fully restore arts programs in schools and not to settle for an occasional visit by some outside agency who might come to the school for a concert or two.