Tuesday, October 14, 2008


pardon the interruption, but my bitchometer has been broken. I have been annoyed by the shenanigans over at the DOE but my snarkiness has been held down while I have been pondering the following:
Wee one's schools funding or budget has been slashed (like his is the only one), with about a dollar left for toilet paper. With the loss of the funding we now have lost our art program. Yipee now more time for test prep. Which we all know is all important since not only are students going to be graded, so are teachers. Nice job there Randi.
The DOE has decided to cut budgets, freeze spending unless you work at Tweed. Uh just how the bleep does that work? That is like me, my hours were cut at work, because we all know that Real Estate rocks right now. But the silver lining in this all is I got a hefty pay raise and my salary has not changed one iota. Uh, wait, that only happens in the world of Mayor Mike and Uncle Joel (or Lehman executives, and I am neither).
So, since budgets have been cut and spending has been curtailed the geniuses over at Tweed thought it would be grand for CEC's to take out of their measly budgets, raises for the AA's. They can't pay out if the DOE budget since it has to look like spending is down. Hey just like the graduation rates are up and so are test scores. Oh and while you are giving the raise you also have to pay for the incidentals. Nice little scheme you have going there,. Tell me how do I sign up?
Next item:
Term limits. It seems to me a few years back there was this little referendum on the ballot to ask New Yorkers to vote on term limits. You7 know to see if we wanted them, and by golly we did. But all of a sudden Dictator Cesar Bloomberg and his billionaire friends ( the same or different) who have Charter schools, etc. decided Mike still needs to be be Mayor because they have not lined their pockets with enough tax breaks or whatever else they have been taking from us mere peons. So the City Council things this is a great idea. Screw us and our voice. Seems to be the same scenario that is being run over at the DOE. Just remember to sit down and shut up is the new motto.

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