Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Wee one has been sick since summer. It started with a cold, the a nice hacking wet cough, ended up with pneumonia.The pneumonia lasted a bit, he was treated with cold medicines, cough medicines, inhalers, pills. He has been treated as an asthma patient, an allergy patient, and now an asthma patient. He has been to his doctor and now a pediatric pulmonary doctor. He is now using a compressed nebulizer system. The boy is a champ. He had a flu shot the other day. He did not want it (like he had a choice) but he took well.He has already missed 7 days of school. So with all of that happening and the two other kids I have been a bit preoccupied. Not enough though that I have not been paying attention to what has been occurring.
I hear things have been great. The custodial budget has been cut. We have been promised that schools will remain clean. With no money for supplies and custodians only having half a cleaner I can see that happening. By the way what the hell is half a cleaner? Is that half a person, or a half assed job?
School budgets have been slashed. In this elite district this is disastrous. We already run our schools without art programs and if a school has to get rid of big money items ie: a teacher (I am no advocate for getting rid of a teacher) lets see how that will go. A teacher may not be excessed. Great idea. So we have to get rid of a teacher anyway so lets get rid of that F status teacher. So there goes gym, computer, library, music, art you get the picture.
We could also wait for the high salaried teacher to retire or just make their lives miserable until they do. Hey. I have a great candidate for retirement, but I digress.
Those are the budget cuts as of now. But next year you have to cut another $75,000 out of your already meager budget. So now our example school, does not have gym, art, library, music and computer.
What is left to cut Joel, Mike? Can I please have an answer to your absurdity?
And people, do you truly believe Obama was actually going to choose Joel as his Education Secretary? Come on, really? I will tell you I did sign all the Joel is a big effin asshat petitions that went around, because I just had to.
Now talking about "entrenched" interests. When you give birth to 3 children who HAVE and DO attend public schools come back to me and tell me again, just who does have a true entrenched interest. Entrenched, what is this anyway war? Oh, wait, it has become a war.
Tell me again, why was last years rally canceled? Randi, can you hear me?

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Chaz said...

I am sure you are aware that the eighteen of twenty top people in the DOE are non-educators. Further, I am sure that few, if any, have children in the NYC public schools.

Remember for Tweed it is "children last" and "education on the cheap".