Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Military Recruitment in our Schools

So just a quick question. If you opted out of military recruitment when your child attended Cardozo High School and your child graduates, does the DOE give that information to the recruiters anyway? Middle one just had a phone call from the US Army saying that they have his phone number as a recent graduate of Cardozo High School. Now, how do I prove that the DOE gave that information out and do I now have to call Cardozo and lay down the law. This is crap. He is gone and still I have to deal with the multitude of red tape to get his name off of some list I did not want him on in the first place.


NYC Educator said...

Wow. I'd have thought they'd respect the opt-out list. Maybe someone screwed up and forgot his name.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your middle one should consider serving his country in the military. Not an easy path to choose. Not an easy path for a parent to accept. The option for our country, if the volunteer system does not result in enough soldiers, is to return to the draft. I suppose if we all have the attitude that our children can't/shouldn't serve then we will learn to accept a return to the draft. There are two options for our military: voluntary (with recruiters as is the case in England, US, Cananda, etc) and the draft (as in Israel, Greece, South Korea, etc, etc. We'll make the call.
Happy Holidays

hobbitt said...

Ask the recruiter.

Although opting out is an option, why get into any kind of huff. A simple, polite "not interested" is all it takes. The recruiter may not know. Consider it a compliment, the military wants the best and brightest.

hobbitt said...

My apologies, your issue is with the school system that perceive as breaking the law.
You obviously understood that the recruiter is just doing his/her job. Though there is no telling how old the recruiter's records are. My daughter received a call one year after she graduated HS and then 4 years later (when she was married and in graduated school).

Frances said...

These concerns regarding the military recruiters just seem to continue as days pass by. These blog posts are just to accounted ones but how about those who don't tell the story online? It's possible that these recruiters couldn't persuade students from military prep schools to pursue a career in the military.