Sunday, November 14, 2010


Remember when Bush was President, and he spoke without a teleprompter or off the cuff, he would make statements that just did not make sense? They were called Bushisms. I decided to start one for Bloomberg..
His response for a non public search for Chancellor was done in a way that tells us to go jump of a bridge, preferably the Jersey side of the George Washington.
"To go through a lengthy process in the middle of a school year is just not something in our "kids" best interest.
Really Mike what is? Reforms changing mid stream. No money for run any other program than Math and English. How is that a well rounded education for the kids (who by the way are baby goats) best interest
"Besides he said, nobody would apply if the process were too public because its too embarrassing to them if they don't get selected?"
Really Mike to embarrassing? For goodness sakes we are talking about education not dodge ball.
I might if I was the last child called, but I am an adult and have faced disappointment before.
I am sure your Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund managers have, plenty of times.
By the way if you are a Hedge Fund manager why would you want to leave your cushy job? Too much money, Deepdale Country Club to boring for you? Need a new challenge? Took a bet on how long it would take you to screw up the Public Education System?

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