Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joel Klein sure has some chutzpa

I just finished watching Joel Klein's interview on NY1 Inside City Hall. When the question posed to him about Leonie Haimson's comment re: his legacy. He could only call her a propagandist, and having her own agenda. This makes me ill. Klein is the King of propaganda. Playing a shell game with data, making the so called agenda based people sue him on NYS Education Law violations., and then rewriting law at his own pleasure. . Stating that schools have wait lists because our schools are good. Joel it really is not that our schools are good it IS that we don't have a choice, no matter how much you say we do. Fix all our schools don't just concentrate on charters. I have news for you Superman is fictional. If there really was a superman my Principal would not have to take out a loan from the DOE to float our school because our budget was drastically cut. We don't have an arts program in our school, but I forget only test prep matters. Some parents might not understand how much education has changed since you and Bloomie have hijacked our system, ummm I mean have been in power.
My oldest children learned to write script, to appreciate literature, Knew how to identify a country, state, mountain (you get it) on a map, American History, NY State History, and then Latin American when they left elementary school. My youngest has not learned any of this.
He did learn that the EClass and the ELA, and the Math Tests are all important. In the first grade he stressed that he believed he might have got more answers wrong then he should have and might score low. Nice real nice.
I also have some news for you, my child and his 5th grade peers can't multiply. I have been teaching him and yes parents should help, but so can you by knowing what truly comprises of a well rounded education ( I think you might have a clue, your child was taught in a private school after all) Not just what is on the damn test type of education. It is not about the test.
A one size fits all doesn't work in clothing and it sure as hell does not fit an individuals mindset. We are individuals, we process information differently as well. I am a visual person, so to call us propagandists because we think outside the box, when we and not you are the stakeholders is just plain wrong. Just like you can't have a carpenter build a house without tools, you can not ask a teacher to do their job without the same.
When you leave this position in December, and why exactly are you leaving? Please have a meaningful discussion with the parents, teachers, and Principals and leave your judgment at the door

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