Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tool for the PrinciPAL

The Principal in my wee one's elementary school was chosen over parent objection. The parents did not choose her, but their decision was overridden.
The reason she was not chosen was she did not have enough leadership experience .
What she does have is the ability to sell a snow cone to the devil.
I will call her Ms. Stuff Shirt. Ms. Stuff Shirt is a great reason for not giving more power to Principals because she has already snowed the parents into believing that she is the greatest thing since swiss cheese.
Miss Pissed Off smelled her bologna a mile away and when she was PTA President she made the Principals life a living hell by always questioning reasons for certain part of the curriculum. Like, why were the children not taught grammar? How come the children only played games in the Computer classroom. Why were you not communicating with your teachers. The most important question Miss Pissed Off asked was why do we still have this certain teacher who refuses to teach Math to the students.
Let me get to my point. The PTA is supposed to be there for the Parent's not the PrinciPAL.
Pissed Off why are you capitalizing PAL? Well Miss Stuff Shirt is only in it for the accolades and if merit pay were a factor oh boy I could just see those dollar signs cha ching. She sure knows how to a huh you when she is trying to get rid of you. I used to get a lot of a huh's. Now I get to see her back as she runs away from me.
As a good parent I try to attend PTA meetings to find out what is going on in the school. The very first meeting of the year the PTA President said that if we had any new business to be brought up we should call the PTA office and leave our query and then they would get the answer and bring it up as new business.
In other words if you have a question please let us know what it is before hand so we can come up with a plausible answer.
What the hell is this the federal government and I am talking to George Bush.
So if I have a question as to why there is scaffolding up around the school but no signs of physical work is going on I have to remember to call the school first and ask the question so I can get an answer.
Or if something is brought up at the meeting and I have a question I have to ask the question before the subject was brought up?
What I really want to know is what the hell is really going on in the school. I guess I will not really ever know because I understand that the Principal is looking for more DOE letters to send home to distract us.


Pissed Off said...

Principal Suit wines and dines the parents of our school (if he likes them). It is sickening. If he doesn't like them, he won't even talk to them. I know because he refused to see the mother of two kids last year. She did try to talk to him a lot, she had special needs kids and had real concerns.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Sounds familiar. I wonder if our Principals are related.