Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nice Drugs if you can get them

What type of drugs are the Editors of the New York Post taking and are they the legal kind? I ran across this today. I was frothing at the mouth.
The people I work with ran in all type of crazy directions away from me scared for there lives.
The Mayor has had control of the schools for FIVE years now. Five years to many if you ask me. Class size is still large, drop out rates have not lowered. The prized Leadership Academy have graduated a few looney Principals.
Then the hiring of Alaverz & Marshal. Hey I would love to have a job that paid me $600 an hour to not know what the hell I was talking about and then get a gigantic pat on the back. cough bus fiasco cough.

You know the reform I would like to see? It is the one where a teacher actually gets to teach. Where his or her voice is truly heard. When they ask a parent what is going on in there schools and they are actually heard.
Not a mayor that says hey suck it up and shut up.

We do want accountability and I hold the Mayor accountable. Mr. Mayor your fired.

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