Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Does a supercomputer equate to better learning

Once again Klein and Bloomberg show how out ignorant they are to the needs of NYC school children. This week it was announced that Project Arts would be cut from schools due to monetary needs in the budget. ( in other words no money) Today it was announced that $80 million dollars will be spend on a new supercomputer to track our children.
Not to teach our children, to lower class size, to tutor our children, to open a new school or hire new teachers but to track how poorly they are doing.
I like this reasoning, Parents eventually will have access to their own kids data. HELLO, isn't that called a report card?

I just wish that these two gentlemen, and I use the term in the most sarcastic of terms would stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Start reading the studies on what works in the classroom. A supercomputer at a cost of $80 million is a waste of our money.

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