Friday, March 9, 2007

I am a Professional Parent

The day my first child was born I like every parent wanted what was best for him. Three years later my second child was born and of course I wanted what was best for him also.
I sent my children to public schools because I believe that the system can work if guided properly. It is not, and that is when I wanted my voice to be heard. For my children since they could not really speak for themselves.
I provide for my children in more ways than can be counted.
We are fortunate to live in the "Elite" District our children should receive an exemplar education, but Elite is in a just another word.
The DOE has asked parents to get involved with their children's education.
They ask us to chair the PTA, to be on the School Leadership Teams, attend CPAC etc. But they also want us to be quiet and not make to much noise.
If the system is broke it is up to us to let the DOE know what is wrong. They are not the people who are in the trenches. They are not "Educated"
as to what is happening on a daily basis. It is us the Parents and the teachers that know what is going on and as long as I breathe and have a child in the Public Education system, I will never be quiet.
I guess that is what makes me a Professional Parent.

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