Monday, March 26, 2007

The Blame Game

Little Johnny can't read. His class size is 35. The parent's blame the teacher, the teacher blames the parent, the press blames the UFT.
Little Jane misses 28 days of school and guidance calls to inform parent. Parent asks why are you waiting until the number reaches 28, Guidance says well we don't do the numbers the DOE told us to call you. We are a large school after all.
EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are unacceptable.
I know that small class size is never going to be made a reality as Klein and Bloomberg don't see it as a viable solution. It is the only solution. 35 children in a class can not be broken down into small groups to help children lagging behind. These children are also not receiving any resource room help or reading help so they fall through the cracks.
The great excuse is we can't hire enough experienced teachers, but is alright to
get rid of the experienced teachers we already have.
We don't have enough room, but we don't add any more money to the capital budget for new space.
We can though, build some new high rises in a neighborhood where schools are already over capacity. If we can do that then maybe we should also make the developer responsible for building a new school instead of giving them tremendous tax breaks to build said building.
Lets all get on the same page and stop blaming each other and lets come up with a solution to make education work.

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