Friday, March 16, 2007

Community Education Councils struggle

to attract parents. Hmmmmm, I wonder can it be, that it is because they are just window dressing? People are disillusioned. It is the same old same old.
With our children once again being experimented on. If we (parents) thought for one moment that we can be taken seriously we would then be more than happy join your panels. In the meantime start telling us the truth. We don't know what we are doing so we decided that we will test your children to the point where they hate going to school but by then
maybe we will have it all figured out and make learning the experience it should be.
For goodness sake my 6 year old first grader yesterday mentioned the E-class to me. He said so and so only got one word wrong he is so smart. I only got 10 wrong. I am not making his up but I wish I was.
My child should be excited that he knew all the words not that they were going to be measured against other children. He said but so and so only knew a few words.
Why don't you go put that in your bleeping 80 million dollar computer and choke on it. One thing that computer is not going to be able to tell me is what type of stress this is putting on my 6 year old. After all it is just a machine the same as what you think my 6 year old is.

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