Monday, March 19, 2007

Parent's love charter schools

or so says today's Daily News Opine. Supposedly we love charter schools because we apply to them in droves. Yes parents do apply to charter schools.
The same parents that are desperate for their children to have some sort of decent education because they can not afford a private one. This goes back to unfair funding, shortage of teachers, large class sizes but you have read this here before. I hate to sound redundant.
It also has a lot to do with No Child Left Behind. Every child is left behind with this government mandate. As it is good in theory it stinks otherwise. Another reform without the money to back it.
I have seen the results of transfers from NCLB in our elementary school. The children are moved over, the are in need of services. The schools support team is already over taxed but they need to take in the 4 children, Georgie said so. So once again the children are short changed because now the resource room teacher has additional children in the room and the small class that she was supposed to have has now turned into just another classroom where the children are not getting the support they need.
Lets try to find an incentive to attract teachers into the system instead of making them run to the suburbs. Then the other chips will fall into place.

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