Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I wish

I wish that people that do not have a child educated in the New York
City Public school system would stop printing article praising our Mayor's control of the Schools. If the schools are vastly improved why don't you go over to Pissed Off Teachers blog and see her pretty pictures of her classroom ermmm I mean trailer. I also want to know when it has become acceptable to teach in a trailer, or a broom closet or behind the stage in the auditorium?
Do us all a favor and go visit one of those vastly improved schools and question a teacher or a student at random. Make the visit unannounced so no one is on there best behaviour. So you can see what we see.

Makes me remember that when my older son told me at the last minute that he needed a white shirt and black pants because the Mayor was visiting his school. I told him he needed to dress what he always dressed in and if his "Dragon Lady" Principal had a problem with it she could call me to voice her disdain.

If you don't have the actual facts the real facts not the cooked facts that the DOE feeds you then do what the Mayor tells us. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pissed Off said...

While people are looking at the classes they should also looked at the so called tutoring set up behind a partition in the cafeteria. The smells of food and the the noise is not exactly conducive to learning. The small table in the back of the library is not much better. One teacher is assigned to tutor whoever shows up. It is really effective to have a ratio like 1:10 when kids need help. The noise level back there is also pretty high. Kids eat, use cell phones, etc and no one says a word. But, the school is providing tutoring and that is all that matters.