Thursday, March 22, 2007

What is new in the my world

I started to reply to the comments in my last post when I figured it was long and should have its own post so here we go.
Parents in my wee ones elementary school are running around in all a titter, scared have you about the Chancellor's new reforms. Why? The PTA put out an little pamphlet and handed it out at the parent teacher conferences saying you must read it. But I have a big mouth and said oh why is this so small and the reforms are so large? I got a blank stare.
Now the Parents will speak up because this impacts them and their school. It has to be monumental for them to speak because they know at all other times they are not heard. Now they are running scared but what they fail to grasp is that they need to be vocal all the time not once in a while. Because if they would just open up there mouths all the time the state of education would not be where it is today.

Which brings me to another story.
Last week. sometime before the snow, the Parent Coordinator was standing in front of the school. She was speaking to some parents, one I wanted to speak to because I have not seen her in a while. The Parent coordinator said that only 30 children have registered for kindergarten, and I say oh great one large class. She says to me like it is fact, oh that will never happen. I said sure, go tell that to someone that does not know the DOE forwards and backwards and this school never ever had a large kindergarten class. Why don't you go back inside and ask Ms. Stuffed Shirt about Mrs. Pissed Offs sons kindergarten class of 36. Whereas she turned away and walked into the school. I walked away muttering.

What to my wondering eyes do I see in this pamphlet (like I did not already know this) We might lose our seasoned teachers and class size will grow.
Parent coordinator must wonder how I knew this since she never sees me at a PTA meeting or in the school.
Umm maybe because I don't rely on people that are not going to give me the facts to give me the facts.

Have a wonderful day I am off to my real job which also lets me be snarky.

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