Saturday, March 24, 2007

Children Last

I had some free time today so I decided to sit down and get into the wording of the Fair Student Funding.
You can find your copy here I like to read agenda's before I scream about them. Makes it look like I am semi-informed and when someone questions me I don't look like a fool. You know like Klein and Bloomberg are. Excuse me for calling them fools, but, if the big clown shoe fits you should put it on.
So lets start:
1) The closet to the children should get to make key decisions about what will best help students succeed.

Oooh Ooohhh (raising hand and waving) would that be the parent? Would it, would it? Because who is closet to the child? Not the Principal. I can't see how a Principal in a school of say 2,000 students can know the need of every single child.

Is "transparent" the new it word?
I have been hearing this word bandied about a lot lately.
On the radio, on the news and now in this line
2) Our schools should be able to count on funds that are fair and transparent.

Well that is unless your child is a high performing school and then you will be penalized for your children being smart.
Or Johnnie is leaving the school so you are now $17,000 short so you must cut out the toilet paper purchase you had planned for next week.

3) New York City's current school funding is complex.

Not as complex as you are going to make this new "Fair Funding"
Klein and Bloomberg are businessmen.
New York City schools are not a business
and our Principals are not accountants, or will the have the funding to hire one.
This is a gigantic disaster in the making.

The next word after complex was unfair.
I agree this plan is UNFAIR.
Unfair that our Principals have only a month to come up with an outside support system.
Who has the time to do that when they have to crack the whip to make sure that the children achieve highly on the next test.

Lets skip a few pages because I am starting to get a gigantic migraine trying to read all this gobbly gook.

Expert consultants:
Not one, not one single expert consultant comes from New York.
One is from Canada. Canada? Are you bleeping kidding me?
I am not saying that Canada does not have a decent educational system but are you trying to tell me that in a city as large as this with some fine Instutions of Higher Learning that you could not get one single person that you could have asked to be an expert consultant?
I hope that I am wrong and that you only listed a few of your consultants.
Please someone tell me I am wrong.

Which brings me back to Alzarez and Marsal. Those fine folks that bankrupted a school system, (Saint Louis) and now that state had to take it over.
I hope the same does not happen here.


Pissed Off said...

Or Johnnie is leaving the school so you are now $17,000 short so you must cut out the toilet paper purchase you had planned for next week.

Now I know why Principal Suit was so upset when he saw me with the toilet paper!

Thaks for the article.

Pissed Off Mom said...

You're Welcome.You know that smile you saw when you told Principal Suit the custodian gave to you?
He smiled because he was running to the custodian to yell at him that toilet paper was to be given out on a need to use basis and the students are not to be able to use.