Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why I am Pissed Off

I guess I should start this blog explaining what makes me angry.
It could take days, so the number one thing that pisses me off is this.
I love teachers, I am not a teacher by trade, as I do not go into a classroom or have to face the bullshit that many of our great teachers do.
By that I mean the administrators or the gigantic bureaucracy we call the Department of Education. So they changed the name wowie it is still the same cronyism and retarded policies that just don't work.
More testing, teach to test, make the children pass or else.
Empowerment schools, large classes in small schools, instead of small class size in schools. Close the school- reopen it the next year but we will make is small school in the large school (huh am I missing something). Back to small class size, which I personally know work. Ask my son. He was lucky enough to have one of those small classes for ONE year wow was he lucky.
So I rant and I am sure this makes sense to the angry like myself.
I am so sick of our Politicians giving lip service to the public school parents (and teachers) on how they want to fix the system.
They have no clear plan unless Alvarez and Marsal was the plan, or Chris Cerf. Privatize is the way to go. NOT.

I have been quiet for years and I read the news and hear the stories from other parents and I stew and I keep quiet. Then I stew some more and I keep quiet. But I have been in a pressure cooker and I am about to blow.

I once was told what do I have to complain about my children are in schools in the elite district. I don't understand what that means.
They still get the same crappy education as the rest of the New York City School children do, we just have more money to throw around for tutoring. I don't have that money to throw around I have three sons. One is in college need I say more.
And that is why ladies and gentlemen I am a pissed off parent

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