Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Driving the middle class out

I have become convinced, oh what the hell I knew it and so did you, that the Kleinberg administration has decided that middle class has no place sending their offspring to public schools.
They have done everything in their power to ruin our schools.
The budget cuts are just another example. I would have liked to see them just tell the employees over at Tweed hey guess what we are strapped for cash how about we give all of you a 1.5% pay cut until things blow over.
Schools are now forced to cut spending and of course what is the first thing out the door?
Only by what I have heard (I am waiting on some documentation), Regent Prep, Art Programs, Afterschool Enrichment programs. Hey Joel, I have a question. How can our children score well without prep. Oh that is right we don't teach to the test. Well this will just show you what happens when you don't teach to the test.
Next question I have is this.
What the hell is with the new open Kindergarten enrollment? Have you people not learned the mistake with open enrollment of High Schools. I understand that you are trying to level the learning field but by overcrowding schools that sure is not going to be the answer.
I know how about you just litter open fields with trailers to teach our students instead I understand they are cheap. Just like your hair brained schemes.

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