Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey, its me

Remember me? I used to blog here.
Things for me are really hectic. I have been working on something since
the Christmas break that has taken up a big chunk of my time.
That and the fact I have three children and a husband, a mother that is like a child and work I have not had the time to blog, or come up with any other coherent thought that is worth writing.
Hopefully this other thing will wrap up soon and I will be back full force.
Not only that but I have been sick. The kind of stress related stomach issue sick. Lost 10 pounds though so I guess it has been a blessing.

I have a thought on the new 5 year Captial Plan. Lets fix all the school first that have electrical problems. You know those schools that if they put a printer and a copy machine on at the same time blow fuses. Yeah those schools.
I mean otherwise how do you think you are going to do full year schools without air conditioners. Not that you really care about the comfort of the students, just as long as they perform like little circus monkeys.

See you soon

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Pissed Off said...

Hope you feel better soon.