Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting in Shape

I am feeling better, but being sick the way I was and taking off some weight got me started on a new regimen. That and the fact that my oldest said hey I joined a gym and I need some psycho to motivate me, want to join with me? Yes, I am very competitive but I did not join with him since the gym was so far away from me and I know I would find an excuse not to go. So this is what I did instead. I started a home gym, and have started to walk again. So on Saturday I dropped wee one off at tutoring and decided to walk while I had to wait for him. So I-Pod in pocket, cell phone in pocket I took off. Next thing I know wee one's half hour is up and I am about 2 miles away from my target. I called the house for someone to go get him and I kept going. 5 miles later I turned around. All I have to say is I thought for sure I would be in intense pain but nope. Which now has me off to Mapmyrun looking for new routes.

So now we are down 15 pounds. Wahoo! I am so energized.
Even if the kids are off this week and I know each and every day I come home from work I have a big gigantic mess to clean. I don't care because I am going to be grabbing those walking shoes and off to my new run.


NYC Educator said...

Congratulations! That's quite an achievement.

Pissed Off said...

Walking is great. Today i walked from World Trade Center site up to Canal St, all the way east so my niece could buy counterfeit bags, back to the west side, up 5th to Forbes gallery on 14th (after wiggle waggling through the village) and then back to subway on 6th. It was fantastic!

Keep up the walking and enjoy.

17 (really 15) more years said...

Excellent! Glad you're feeling better.

You have inspired me to start working out on the AbFlex.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Down 2 more pounds but the current weather has kept me indoors. I still have been making sure I am exercising.