Monday, August 11, 2008

A conversation at enrichment

When I drop my wee one off at the local enrichment center, I usually hang around and wait for him to finish, or if highly motivated I do my power walk. Lately though I have been waiting for him.
The last two weeks I have had an ongoing conversation with two other parents about the state of education in NYC. It started with how long our children have been attending enrichment and do you think it has helped. Out of the 2 other parents wee one has been going the longest. I believe it has helped him understand the concept of math better and I am happy and will continue to send him under his continuous protests.
All of us agree that that the reason we are sending our children to the program is so they can have a leg up. We all agree that class size is to large and that teachers just don't have the time to give our child the individual attention that they deserve.
This past Saturday when I dropped off wee one, one of the two parents said that he has been looking into private schools since he felt that the curriculum in his local school is not well rounded and is only to teach his child how to pass a test. He wanted to know why a private school could have a well rounded and diverse education and not our public schools. The school he visited teaches languages to the children in early grades and also lets the child be an individual instead of some cookie cutter all children can learn at the same pace type of education. He also asked when were Bloomberg and Klein going to figure out that they are all wrong in their corporate way of trying to run the schools and that our children were not little worker bees but real people. I told him that they really don't care what we have to think, what our children need, or how our educators know how to teach them because no matter what happens they will always find a positive spin on it.
So while more and more parents become disenfranchised Bloomberg just shrugs, just one less student to educate. But I do understand that we need a new sports stadium.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Hey I am a langauge teacher for Special Education students on a the high school level and guess where I am? The Rubber Room! A fired principal put me there and the head of my union, Randi, tells to be happy for the free ride. I still don't know what I supposedly did to deserve to be at the Guantanamo I am in. I have 800 other colleagues in the same situation. We do nothing but wait...wait...wait and get paid! Unbelieavable!