Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Time

I love summer. No school, no rushing, life is easy.
As easy as it could be with 3 children at home and you are at work and then what you come home to, if you do go home.
Wee one and I have been busy. Him going to his enrichment classes. Which he abhors, like I really care. He is learning multiplication and to me that is all that matters.
His reward for all his hard work. Hitting the museums with me. Okay well we just started the museum circuit. He gets to pick. His first choice was the American Museum of Natural History. I forgot my camera which I could just kick myself. He had a great time and since it poured over on Saturday it was a wonderful place to spend the day. He is still talking about his favorite parts of the museum.
Wee one made up his list of things we should visit if we were a tourist. His words. He picked the tourist route because as we were walking from Times Square to Rockefeller Center we could not get past the throngs of tourists. I just grabbed his hand and showed him how a true New Yorker gets around tourists. As we passed St. Patricks and a gigantic wedding party was letting out and the tourists were standing with mouths agape, I was muttering damn tourists and snaked in between them he has decided he wants to be a tourist in his own city.
Our next stop is the Empire State Building and then the Met. I will try to remember to bring the camera, so I can bore you, err I mean share some pictures with you
Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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