Monday, August 25, 2008

Education Equality Project

The new "project" brought to you by Al Sharpton and Joel Klein.
I know this has been in the works and I have been on vacation.
There have been plenty of questions that have been posed by many over the past month about this project.
If it is indeed being funded by private monies, why are those private people not wanting the little people "us" knowing who they are?
Why name it Education Equality Project? Isn't education supposed to be equal for all anyway? Whether or not the children attend a public or charter school? I would say private but then again we are well aware that private schools are on a whole other playing field. At least the playing field is not on Randall's Island, but I digress.
So I received an email the other day with a media advisory from the Education Equality Project that in Denver the "project" as I will call it will call on the Democratic Party to endorse the Project’s Statement of Principles.
I find the statement of Principles to be ironic at best. With Joel Klein as a founder of the project and saying that the system is broke is that his way of admitting that even after everything he tried to do as Chancellor that they system still has not helped the neediest students?
He does spin scores to his advantage we all know that.
While we all still try to figure out just what the "Project" is really trying to achieve with all their fancy posturing, isn't it just amazing that the proud announcement of additional charter schools were revealed.
How about we just stop making up all these new "initiatives" already and just unmask yourselves as the great privatize of the public schools so we can all just go home already.
The new school year is just a mere few days away. Is a new rally in the plans yet?

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