Thursday, September 4, 2008

Putting Children First

Well school has begun. A new year, and a new year of DOE spin. The literature I received welcoming me back says it all. New York City Public Schools. Putting Children First.
Hmmm lets see, putting children first by announcing 18 new charter schools to squeeze into schools at the expense of others. So what children are first in those 18 schools? The charter children who had better make the cut or the squeezed in children who are now shoved into an overcrowded class.
Putting children first. How is it that when your principal knows year after year that there are some teachers that how do we put this nicely. Emasculate your child because he/she does not fit into her cookie cutter approach to teaching makes them feel less than the child they are. So by the end of the year your child has not learned a thing and has to be detoxed the whole summer and taught to be whole again. And believe me I am not the only parent who feels this way, and I am not the only parent from last year who has had to do this.
Children first, when a brand spanking new school is built and 2 days into the school year the school is so overcrowded that they are turning children away from their neighborhood school.
When the Mayor and his minions think that they are doing an A one job, decide that they need to form a non profit company to lobby to keep Mayoral Control of schools. Like we did not know that was coming down the pike. I mean how could the Mayor and his little friends keep their little gravy train of "tax write-offs", wait not tax write off doing the right thing for the children, after all they are first.

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