Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Last year wee one had a teacher that at times can be very mean. If she likes your child, your child will do fine. If from day one your child rubs her the wrong way, well you had better watch out because all holy hell will break loose and your child will have a bad year.
It goes on year, after year, after year.
Mr. Pissed Off and I had a meeting at the very beginning of last year when we noticed a gigantic behaviour change in our child and we knew why. Remember I have been at that school for awhile.
Last year at dismissal if my last name was not being bellowed, it was one of two other parents who had a child that pissed off Mrs. I need better medication or need to retire.
So the difference this year wee one has a mellow teacher, very mellow the kind that teaches your child. He bounced out of school yesterday with a big toothless grin. Mrs. Mellow wanted to get my attention so she waved gently for me to come to her. A nice wave with a big smile, no screaming my name so the whole damn school could hear it.
She told me that wee one forgot a homework assignment. I thanked her and told her it would not happen again but in his defense he was ill the night before. Her response, in such a sweet voice. Oh that is okay, next time just write me a note.
Last year it would have been that I was the crappiest parent in the world and wee one was the devil's spawn.
To say that I was dissatisfied with last years learning experience and my normally bright child tanked on his E-Class last year compared to the past years of being the highest scoring child in his classes has nothing at all to do with the fact that screaming at a 7 year old all bleeping day does not teach them a damn thing but to shut you out.
For the life of me I am still scratching my head trying to figure out if they know I am such a bitch why the powers that be would decide that they needed to piss me the f*** off.
I was nice and quiet about all this last year because I know that they read this blog. I don't care anymore. He is my last child in the system and I am going to make sure that the rest of his days go smoothly. He is bright and is going to stay that way.
Have a great year.

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