Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday morning I was watching Meet The Press. Well actually I was changing channels and Tom Brokaw asked Rudy Giuliani about Barack Obama wanting to enact sex ed bill for kindergarten students. There is a whole uproar about teaching our precious students about sex. A sex education bill for our kindergarten students. Giuliani goes on about how the bill was not passed. Hooray now our students are safe, but are they?
I know here in NYC there is a sex education mandate for New York City Schools and our students, and that when my son was in kindergarten it was enacted for the first year. No notice went out to us that our children were going to be taught this it was by word of mouth. The curriculum was on the DOE website, not sure if it is now though.
I try not to get into politics because to tell you the truth it makes me crazy the lies that are told and how to decipher them.
I just love how they are speaking about this sex ed thing like it is not already being taught and that we should all be afraid of big bad Obama because he wants to teach our children about sex. What hypocrisy.

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Pissed Off said...

Why teach your son about sex and deprive yourself of becoming a grandmother at a young age like Palin?